Feeling Lucky

Are YOU the lucky one?


Many successful people in business attribute their success to being lucky. This could be someone just being modest, or maybe someone who doesn’t even understand the source of their own success. Certainly, there may be some luck in success, but according to an article in Harvard Business Review, it’s most likely a combination of humility and optimism.

Successful people may, in fact, make their own luck. They embrace optimism, and they have a high level of curiosity, which has them constantly asking questions and seeking answers. This thirst for new information may lead them to making more informed decisions, and better ones, based on a higher level of knowledge.


Then there is a “gut feeling”. But what is a gut feeling? It is intuition based on knowledge and previous experiences. We are born instinctively with this trait, and the more we use it, the sharper it becomes. As children, we learn about stoves being hot, so our gut instinct tells us to be careful around a stove.

When we don’t touch a hot stove and avoid getting burned, it isn’t luck- it is an intellectual decision based on lessons we have been taught and/or first hand experience in getting burned.

The Law of Attraction is about positive energy and setting yourself up for success. Being lucky is a very humble way to acknowledge your success. Staying humble keeps you grounded in appreciating the people around you, both your home family and your work family. Keep making more luck and success will continue to flourish.

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